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How to prepare a first aid kit to keep in your house


A well organised, properly stocked and easily accessible first aid kit is a must for all homes and especially for homes with children. It may be worth your effort to have multiple first aid kits kept at various location such as home, in the car and at work. This can help you being in a state of preparedness in case of any kind of exigency.


In Australia organizations such as St. John Ambulance, Australian Red Cross and AustraliaWide First Aid offer a wide variety of pre-designed first aid kits for various locations and uses. However, it may be a good idea to put together your own first aid kit which can best address the special needs of your family.
While putting together a home use first aid kit you must remember to include the following supplies – triangular bandages, ‘conforming’ or elastic bandages of varying widths, non-adhesive (non-stick) dressings of varying sizes, disposable non-latex gloves (medium and large), thermal blanket, notepad, pencil, plastic bags of varying sizes, permeable adhesive tape (2.5 cm wide)  and resuscitation mask or face shield. Other additional supplies / equipment which you may include in your kit could include medium and large combine dressing pads (9 x 20 cm and 20×20 cm respectively), adhesive dressing strips, medium gauze dressing (7.5 x 7.5 cm), sterile tubes of saline solution (minimum 10 ml), one pair of scissors, one pair of tweezers, thermometer (digital) and first aid booklet. You may also like to include some basic medicines, such as paracetamol and aspirin in the kit. However, care must be taken to keep the kit secure and out of reach of children. The medicines and solutions must have use-by dates and you must check these regularly and replace as and when required.


The first aid kit must be stored in a dry, cool location away from direct sun. The kit must be easily accessible and its location must be known to all family members. The case of the kit should preferably be metal which can be mounted on a wall. The design must ensure that the supplies can be stored in an organised manner and can be easily accessed in case of an emergency.


The evolving process of buying

Marketing has evolved from the funnel representation of the of the buying process to a more sophisticated representation of the buying process. We have come a long way from the simple process of searching and buying to more complex behaviour seen as a result of multiple channels and devices.

No longer is marketing limited to satisfying a consumer need. With a number of players seeking attention, the winning bid goes to the player that promises to satisfy the need in the most effective way. Consumers believe that they have the right to demand quality products, sometimes, more than what the producer can provide. Technology has made it possible for numerous players to compete on the same field, regardless of size. Intense competition drives the producer to market the product to satisfy different consumer needs.

Marketing no longer remains a simple process of advertising and reaching the consumer mindset. Evolved Marketing now involves making personal connections and building relationships. Infact most consumers have learnt to switch off from marketing media and focus solely on the task at hand. Most consumers block pop-ups, ads and other display media when online.

Consumers like to believe that they are involved in the betterment of the product and hence marketing now includes word of mouth recommendations, reviews and loyalty ratings. The growth of the web has made it easier for these to become a part of the marketing process an to improve marketing. Over time marketing material like billboards and signage have given way to more entertaining forms of display like LED and digital signage. FM Digital LED Signs are most commonly controlled by a media player or personal computer or server. These digital signs provide remote access into the site if needed. Remote access to the site allows us to update the content remotely at one site or a number of sites at the same time.

The mantra for the successful marketer is “networking” and “long term relationships”.


The power of the social media for the online consumer

With the growth in the power of technology to reach the remotest places, it has become a lot easier for producers to reach the different markets. However, the downside is that it has left the products more vulnerable to feedback, reviews and ratings from a varied and wide audience, pushing the producer to build products satisfying the needs of many. with most customers making purchases at the click of a button, or using mobiles marketing, social media has gained a lot of importance in reaching out to a number of like minded people.

Social media platforms have grown due to this. Many social media platforms offer an opportunity for the buyer and the producer to connect and form long term relationships. Weconnect Influencer Marketing is a social media sponsorship platform that creates an online marketplace for brands and advertisers to connect with social media influencers, celebrities and bloggers. Such platforms provide global brands an opportunity to create and distribute content through many influencers active on the social media platform.

Social media marketing has made it possible to stay in front of your customers and provide them with incentives that make sense to them and move them towards the buying process. This happens because you connect with people directly and know their mindset. If you follow specific keywords in Twitter, you can find people who are looking for the products you sell. Not only do you reach the right people for your product, you also reach areas you may not have thought about approaching. Someone who has a need for your product has a better chance of becoming a customer than someone for whom the need has to be generated. Facebook is another way to reach groups that are like to buy your products. When you post a link in these groups, customers tend to check the link which is likely to convert to a sale at some point in time. Add promo codes and you will find instant purchases using the code.

Social media marketing is not limited to flashing the company name in front of a wide audience, it is about reaching out to like minded people and providing them with varied opportunities to buy products at a discount or with incentives beneficial for the customers.